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Rosalea’s Big Seven Ohhh!

Donate and help restore Rosalea’s Hotel!

Contributions may be sent to: Rosalea's Hotel Restoration Fund, 121 West Main, Harper, KS  67058

1883 & 1968 Rosalea's Patterson House Hotel

Were you a traveling hippie in the 1970s?  Perhaps you stayed at the famous Rosalea's Hotel in Harper, KS.  Now you can help restore it as an historic prairie icon of the 70s!    Goal:  100,000 at $10 each and it is preserved for future generations!

To Submit a Manuscript for Consideration

In order to give everyone a chance, we ask that you submit no more than three stories, poems, etc. within a six month period. Because of the volume received, your submission may not appear for many months. Because this is a grassroots publication, we try to eventually use something from everyone as long as the subject matter pertains to the history, art and culture of the prairies of South Central Kansas and northern Oklahoma, and is reasonably coherent.

Because of the overwhelming task of editing each month without adequate volunteer help, we can no longer return ANYTHING submitted, even photographs. Please do not send your only copy. We encourage submissions by e-mail: If not available, snail mail to:

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