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1883 & 1968 Rosalea's Patterson House Hotel

Were you a traveling hippie in the 1970s?  Perhaps you stayed at the famous Rosalea's Hotel in Harper, KS.  Now you can help restore it as an historic prairie icon of the 70s!    Goal:  100,000 at $10 each and it is preserved for future generations!

The Soap Box

Rosalea Hostetler, Volunteer Editor


Thoughts: Silence is Golden--or is it?

What did you think or feel when you saw the “silent space” on page two? “What is the meaning of this?” “Did someone forget to do the paste-ups in time?” Did you laugh? Were you disgusted? Curious?

This column is actually an interactive piece to move readers into more thoughtfulness about how they treat others in their daily lives. There is an old school of thought that one should remain silent rather than “rock the boat.” In a few cases, walking away might be the best solution; but as a courtesy to the other person, always give a brief explanation as to the pending silence or you will appear to be mean and rude. Many times lack of response wrecks havoc in the world of others when they are left dangling. “Not knowing” consumes a great deal of energy and creates bad stress--none of us need more of that.

Recently two contractors said they would call back with bids on Balmer projects. They did not do so, and we were left dangling, wondering what to do regarding a project that needed immediate attention. Needless-to-say, we will never consider using these unprofessional people in the future--and the countless others before them.

Not long ago an Anthony woman told me she was considering a real estate transaction and asked me to obtain pertinent information. I went to great lengths to satisfy her request, but when I tried to call her many times with the requested information, she would not accept or return my phone call. (Apparently she has caller ID—a good/bad device that only augments rude silence in our society but can be used appropriately for safety reasons.) Was her behavior just plain rudeness, childish or emotionally abusive? She is no longer worth my energy, “even for money.”

Even when we are busy, ill or on vacation, there are plenty of ways to send brief notices regarding our legitimate silence. Some of the busiest, most important people in the world will return phone calls and respond to e-mails the quickest. What does that tell you about the world filled with the silent ones?

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