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Healing Reactions & Detoxification (Part 11)

Dr. Stephen C.L’Hommedieu

Last issue I presented some reasons contributing to the deteriorating health trend of our nation, and disturbing statistics that seem to indicate that the average person may not be as healthy as they have been induced to believe. Also, I mentioned how symptoms of poor health are so common we accept them as normal. But are these symptoms the real problem or are these the efforts of the body attempting to compensate for underlaying imbalances? Most often, these symptoms are actually the result of healing reactions and detoxification. These are the natural healing processes of the body as it continually strives to reestablished balance to your health.

Before diving head-first into this confusing subject, I will explain two fundamental principles of health that are regulated by the laws of nature. These principles and related factors apply to our health on all levels. I refer to them as universal laws of health. When we live in accordance to these laws we then cultivate a foundation for achieving optimal health and consequently, balance.

Universal law of health #1: There is no health outside of nature. Because we are a part of nature we need to conform to the laws of nature to maintain balance and optimal health. Simply stated, we are to use our bodies as nature designed and avoid abusing it with toxic and unnatural foods, polluted water, toxic chemicals, toxic environments, overwork and negative thought patterns. Although we do not have a Bible of natural laws, by using some wisdom to discern what kinds of laws govern us, we can live long, healthy lives.

Universal law of health #2: Health is a balance in and between body chemistry, structure and mentality. Balanced body chemistry is when the body receives the proper nutrients in the proper amounts and is free of poisons in order to efficiently convert our food, water and air into fuel energy, repair substances, reserves and all the necessary natural biochemicals we need to function optimally.

Balanced body structure is when proper alignment and mobility are maintained in all the joints. However, much more depends on our biomechanical integrity than just mobility. The body is designed with the nervous system (nerves), circulatory system (blood vessels) and lymphatic system (lymph nodes and vessels) as components of an integrated arrangement with the joints. Full range of joint movement helps to increase the flow and function of these systems. This is why chiropractic manipulations are so beneficial.

Balanced mentality is when we keep a proper mental attitude free of fear, anxiety, worry, negative thinking and stress. This enables us to use our minds logically and in direction of our goals to achieve success.

Body chemistry, structure and mentality are not separate, isolated entities but aspects of an integrated whole. You may have noticed some of these interactions without realizing it. For instance, when your chemistry goes out of balance, immediately your mentality goes out of balance. You may become negative in your thinking, depressed, angry or lack an ability to concentrate and focus. When structure is out of balance, for example your back ‘goes out,’ you may become constipated which is a chemistry issue. An emotional upset can throw your mentality out of balance and your chemistry may respond with indigestion, headache or fatigue. An imbalance in any one of these aspects of our health always impact the entire integrated whole.

Now this is where the confusion begins. When the body goes out of balance we have symptoms. Immediately most people will think they have this or that disease. However, most of these symptoms are the result of the body trying to adapt or compensate for an imbalance in effort to restore some kind of balance. It may not necessarily be a good balance but, never the less, it will be the best the body can do given the circumstances and materials (nutrition) the body has to work with. These symptoms of compensation to restore balance are what typical doctors call ‘disease.’

What causes the body to go out of balance? To answer this we have to consider factors from both our external and internal environments. If you read my last article I mentioned some external environmental causes that are the same reasons why we are a sick nation; the pollution, depletion of minerals and vitamins, stress, lack of exercise and drugs used to suppress symptoms. So the quality of our air, water, food, soil on which our food is grown are important factors. Also, the amount of exercise, sleep, rest and sunshine we get, how many injures we have, the amount of stress we are under, our personal hygiene, and the climate we live in all contribute to the degree of balance we achieve. The more we align ourselves with positive factors the more body balance we can achieve.

To complicate matters, our internal environment--our biochemical, physical and mental individuality or biotype, also dictates our body balance. Because of past environmental stresses or excesses suffered by our ancestors almost everyone born today is born with genetic imbalances--this is our biotype. For example, people with strong (dominant) thyroid function appear thin and nervous; people with strong pancreas function tend to be heavy and jolly, etc....these traits are actually imbalances developed as a result of our ancestor’s environmental conditions in which they lived. This subject is much too complex to discuss in detail in this article, but important enough to mention because it is another major reason why we go out of balance. It is human nature to cater to our strength and our strong glands determine this. Over time we ontinue to go more and more out of balance to compensate for our weak glands. This is one of the reasons
why issues concerning nutrition and alternative health care are so confusing and inconsistent. Everyone has unique nutrient requirements. Therefore, doctors should be treating patients as individuals with consideration to their distinct genetic as well as symptomatic imbalances and determine their specific requirements to bring them back into balance.

Now that we have an idea of why we go out of balance, the next time I will discuss what healing reactions and detoxification processes are. Then more confusion follows when I begin to explain what causes the body to heal and detoxify. The reason why it is so confusing is because there are two opposite reasons why the body heals and detoxifies!

Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, D.C. is a licensed Chiropractor specializing in Kinesiology techniques and nutritional, herbal and homeopathic therapies. He practices under Integrated Health Clinic in Wichita, Kansas. Office: 316.652.9191.

This information is based upon the opinions, research and experience of Dr. L’Hommedieu. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional or as medical advice.

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